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The Only Online Tool That Provides
a Step By Step How-To For Interviewing

  • Provides over 150 strengths employers are looking for along with examples of how you may have experienced them
  • Brief assessment to help you uncover your strengths
  • How to create and tell your unique stories which can be used to answer any behavioral questions and show your value to a company
  • Peer videos to help you through every part of the interview process
  • Networking tool to help you build your own contact database, stay in touch with contacts and manage job pursuits
  • Tutorial on how to maximize your internship and get the job offer
  • Tips on navigating a Career Fair and insuring companies remember you

What Users of Class2Career Have To Say

"The Class2Career tools really helped me prepare. I got the job thanks to this website!“

"Class2Career was much different than any other online program I’ve ever used. The platform was very user friendly and easy to navigate."

"The videos have some extremely helpful tips and tricks that I would not have thought of myself."

“My students really used this tool…and we know how hard it is to get students to use what we offer.”

“As a recruiter, when I interviewed someone who had used the Class2Career tool, it was an extremely engaging interview. Boy, did I remember that candidate!”


Do you want to feel confident and fully prepared on a job interview?


Do you want to learn how to answer any interview question successfully?


Would you like to have multiple job opportunities?


Would you like to know how to control the interview and get the job?

Are you ready?!


Build a personal profile based on attributes and a unique background.


Effectively assess what the employer is looking for.


Build your network and follow your roadmap to success.

Employers believe their top challenge is the lack of communication and interpersonal skills of their applicants.
Where Do You Fit?


Are you part of the 17% of soon-to-be graduates that have a job lined up?


Or are you part of the 83% of soon to be graduates that don't have a job lined up?


1 in 5 employers can't fill positions because they can't find people with soft skills.

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